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For anything at all? Eastern European missile defense. Bush did say in 2007 what the results point out the words, that is, Eastern European missile defense deal with Russia this card. This card can not only threaten Russia's national security, but also play a separate role of the EU and Russia, but also can drive a wedge between the EU's internal unity nike air max ltd. This kick widow door for the United States dug the graves of poor households must act, the EU can only warn about the mouth (like a strong France and Germany to take even Poland and Czech are uncontrollable), it touches on Putin not eat that. May 15, said Rice's visit to Russia, Eastern Europe, anti-European can not be bloturn to Afghanistan! Russia sent troops to Afghanistan to have anything do it? At least when the Taliban easy to buy advanced weapons, the Earth people know the guy so that Russia, while Russian commanders occasionally cheap timberland boots blurred the wrong small stocks as the Taliban destroyed the U.S. military is also normal.

Side and which stay in wrestling, while Washington has also arranged for his little attendant trouble in the Middle East: the fight against Hamas by the opportunity to lead Israel to war in Lebanon, when the sudden called "Islamic Law Cartagena, "the armed groups on the dry with the Lebanese army. China is gradually led to the situation in Southeast Asia do? Method with the practice in exactly the same as in Northeast Asia. Side against the U.S. political and military influence, the economic side of integration. ASEAN now join their small state-owned heart, engage with the East Asian Community, it is not a good thing Beijing wanted to do? Since it is a community, must have a boss, right? In 13 countries there, China is undoubtedly the greatest big man in China who is boss when Nike Air Max 24 7 it inappropriate? Seeing their own flesh into a bowl of food of others, the Japanese heart sour. Chinese extract the United States in East Asia once completed in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia economic integration, Japan, China had to work, and this situation is the Japanese do not want to accept. Pushing the yuan international competition for Chinese development, the first paul smith is to take the yuan's trading range to the entire Southeast Asia, Malaysia is in line with China's most active coucked.

Well, trouble in the end went wrong? Iraq, U.S. soldiers in Iraq a day is too. In the end hard to what extent? U.S. troops in Iraq number two man Aodiernuo himself admitted that the U.S. military and their Iraqi enemies to make peace. In late April, the Middle East Special Envoy Sun will be dry to the Middle East "to promote peace talks," and paid a visit to mens mbt shoes headquarters - Special Envoy Sun What is the purpose of this trip? Very simple, requiring referral China's accession to the European Union peace talks. Unfortunately, failed. Into May, the United States on any connection with the Russian dry. Therefore, pushing the East Asia Summit in Beijing, Japan has not enthusiastic, he did not want the Chinese to do awake. In the eyes of the Japanese, rather than help the Chinese people, it is better to help his American masters. After World War II sites in Southeast Asia has been the nike free trainers, China now rob the United States naturally unhappy.

Thus, each time when the East Asia Summit, Japan will cooperate with the U.S. Laijiao Ju (and that damn Singapore). However, Japan's approach to most ASEAN countries are very unhappy - they were willing to engage in an East Asian community, they fear being robbed once again the United States. Japan upset the United States with the means of what is it? Watered and weaken China's ability to lead. Starting from the first East Asia Summit, Japan and the United States join forces to support the 10 3 to 10 6, stopper come in three are India, Australia, New Zealand. Clearly, India is the United States tailored to China's rival, while Australia and New Zealand are U.S. allies Japan and paul smith clothing, so there is a group of 10 6 which stop the Chinese dominance of the enemy. Putin said that, I am ready to rentries.

Years ago, Japan has proposed a flying geese model of development, Japan take the lead, to keep up with the Asian tigers, China and other ASEAN countries in the final. According to this model of development, Japan through the integration of East Asian economies to lead the situation in East Asia, China in East Asia, only the most low-end chain, doing the giving of live mbt shoes delivery of water, some tea. To 85 years, Japan was in Europe and America teamed up to conduct a financial hit (Plaza Accord), the economic vitality; to 97 years, the Southeast Asian financial crisis erupted, the Japanese do not carry the matter of performance for Southeast Asian small country are disappointed to the extreme, but added China to help them through unharmed. , The Chinese economy more powerful, integrated mbt shoes sale initiative in Southeast Asia into China's hands slowly.


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