himself in the travel, still state good!

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himself in the travel, still state good! Empty himself in the travel, still state good!

Post  wq2012 on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:08 am

Just wearing a pair of sandals, ankle is appear some lonely? Method is very simple, use decorate said. Your feet are belt appear some encumbrance, single foot wear is TieZe. This will make all the body appear coordination. For example, the choose white and black tie-in banding type sandals. Tie-in similar orange and silver and bright color to one of his ankles,<a href="http://www.raybanus.net/"><strong>Ray Ban Sunglasses</strong></a> can better in environment, outstanding window. And compelling panama hat collocation necklace

This season is the biggest bright spot is the panama hat. Excellent quality, highly travel flavor, tie-in optional free. Wear a hat will the people line of sight drawn to the high,<a href="http://www.raybanus.net/ray-ban-aviator-sunglasses-c-31/"><strong>Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses</strong></a> so the neck part appears especially important. And the combination of the necklace is a wise choice. This use authentic materials from panama. Hat ribbon point pattern is luxuriant, and ma3 jia3 collocation is very appropriate. So, wear COINS pendant is very appropriate. Sunglasses moment will some feeling

In the season of strong ultraviolet ray,<a href="http://www.raybanus.net/"><strong>Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses</strong></a> from the practical point of view sunglasses is also indispensable. Of course, as add attributes to act the role of is also very useful. Anyway, sunglasses moment will be some. This time, will sunglasses is hanged before the bosom shirt although is not bad, but seem a bit affectation, not natural. Therefore, instead of necklace of mirror "also can yet be regarded as a wise choice. Put on the dark green military unlined upper garment more cool feeling. Cape plus is hanged adorn ornament more temperate press close to is natural


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