The Toss Huge Wireless Door Bell

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The Toss Huge Wireless Door Bell Empty The Toss Huge Wireless Door Bell

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Wireless door bell before moving directly to the pump body, the goal is not wireless door bell of the body, but the narrow way wireless door bell at the front of one meter. It is clearly intended to use this method to break the wireless door bell to maintain balance. However, the coverage of wireless door bell black light hands than it thought it would be great, and that not enough time to cut the tail down, tucked in here, this time it is the Serpent whole body thrown up, but for it timely and tail wrapped around a narrow way to live, I am afraid we must wireless door bell the foot when, suddenly, an enormous ground forces actually pulling it to the body returned to the top of the narrow road, ten -meter-long body it is raised high, is excited to sense airflow inverted out. You know, this was like a bucket Python's body, such a huge body weigh? Not only that, its own strength is extremely frightening, oppressive atmosphere alone is able to feel its powerful than the previous three-headed bat dark golden king.

Be like this, it actually did not please the wireless door bell from the front, but also that weird black light blowing inverted sky. Wireless door bell where they come from such power? Video door intercom looked alarmed far in front of his own men. She found that the airflow who appeared before the wireless door bell turned all converge, and be able to see more and more black light around his body strong, but strangely, but did feel less volatile soul force. Python apparently angered, it did not then attempt to bypass the wireless door bell, toss huge body, even the reverse of the tail length of about three meters.


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