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Elevator doors opened, Nike Air Max shines into the eyes of welcome and the building is very different scene. Spacious hallways, walls spotless milky, smooth as a mirror of the general terrazzo floor, looking up, rows of fluorescent lights that illuminate the corridor space as bright as day, there is wearing a suit and tie or business attire for men and women are covered from time to time step hurried. Brisk walking. Nike Air Max doubt Road. Is the country's intelligence agencies? This is the seat of your pants guessing he's here and made so hidden, underground construction and so huge, is certainly very important secret agencies, intelligence agencies are the most likely. Air Max 1 trainers froze for a moment, and said poor tone. Asked to do so much? Go! Then, Kuaibu Xiang walked inside. Go for a while, came to nike air max sale stretched, Air Max 1 trainers removed from the document in the size of a bank card black card, in which the side brush, tingle, metal box rang twice, then the elevator doors parted. Go! Air Max 1 trainers turned Nike Air Max Chen Sheng said. Nike Air Max mind though surprised, but his face is smiling, calmly walked slowly inside elevators.

Air Max 1 trainers pick pick in the back corners of the mouth, secretly nod, Nike Air Max age is not this man, but this is actually quite amazing aging. He and that several soldiers also went in, press the button, the elevator doors closed. When the elevator boot time, Nike Air Max obviously put a bit of heart, his eyes flashed surprisingly light, though, is not to go up the elevator, but the speed to run down. Where they are clearly not the same, go down, it means entering the underground. After ten seconds, the elevator stopped, the time is not long, but with the speed of the elevator down to the ground ten seconds, but quite deep in places.


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