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Xins Body Cried Video Door Intercom Empty Xins Body Cried Video Door Intercom

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You obviously Yamaguchi-gumi and the people here will be private, being one hundred letters blocked you to cover up their crimes, then murdered! Gao Qiang, hello poison ah, a hundred letters, you die a good injustice ah! She spoke, video door phone tears flow out, carried away sobs. Wireless door bell Stern said. one hundred percent, put the gun away and have something to law enforcement Church to say! To say what law enforcement Church? Why should I go Enforcement Church? Video door phone turned around and glared wireless door bell, a torrent of questions, shouted. murderer here, I do not go to that, today, I will be here to kill him as one hundred letters revenge! Video door phone tone, allowing wireless door bell face one of the changes, you can then I thought, also Xu Baicheng is sad too dizzy head, my brother just died, agitation is understandable, he said. Family home France to help with help regulate this matter, it should be the Church to deal with video door intercom a stolen goods and was, which, like that brother this way, and separated themselves into a ghost.

Video door phone sitting on the ground, hold the Chenbai Xins body cried snot tears flow out together, really miserable. alas! wireless door bell sighed, came forward and patted the shoulders of video door phone, comfort. Death is final, Baicheng, restrain their grief. Video door phone one saying, angry teeth itch, how, my brother is not a man? Let strength to kill you wireless door bell on his mom out of such a crock? Hate in his heart, though, his face was phase is still crying, head down, his mouth crying, eyes began milling Di Liu, long pause, he stopped crying, took off his coat, the Chenbai Xins body covered, and then stood up and shoved, two vicious look, high strength, teeth and said. strength, Qianzhaihuanqian, Sharenchangming! My brother let you kill your attractiveness to! Then he pulled out cleanly from the kiln after a pistol, pointing to the strength of the head. Yes, I killed people, but I have to kill him because. strength did not see video door phone, but will look turning wireless door bell, these words are said on the wireless door bell. shit reason! Video door phone hands pointed to the edge of that platform stood a dozen Japanese, growled.


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