"Lace Lace" slogan in Prada strong propulsion

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"Lace Lace" slogan in Prada strong propulsion

Post  wq2012 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:44 am

Bud silk is almost the most accident last season but the most determined one of the trend. Fashion never has a queen, Miuccia Prada is. This season the queen auras a flash,<a href="http://www.raybanus.net/"><strong>Ray Ban Sunglasses</strong></a> FaYan freeze-frame ago have not noticed the bud silk, as she said, "I just need a contracted outline, but need some surface fun. And I don't want to use printing, so I began to see bud silk, and crazy about it". Aka heavy pound bud silk, combined with flower modelling to rebuild and inserted spell, and make it become extremely simple clothing part of the whole. Fashion and media collective applause, go around spreading, bud silk finally wait to hold one's head high day, return to the fashion among the to be bestowed favor on newly. And continue to 2009 chun xia, the originally from the corner to find out decently play a of bud silk began to try new route.

"Lace Lace" slogan in Prada strong propulsion, from this spring and summer autumn and winter to continue to shine. But that is elegant and gentle woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood gradually be more strong,<a href="http://www.raybanus.net/ray-ban-frames-sunglasses-c-35/"><strong>Ray Ban Frames Sunglasses</strong></a> more dynamic replaced image. In Balmain 09 new spring and summer, this section has exaggerated wide shoulder profile black bud silk blouse happened to be added to the current most popular image hale and hearty, no charming love feeling, in is tie-in a compose full metal rivet decoration high waist pencil skirt, really has the taste of rock. Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie Two Lovers (Two Lovers) "of Paris, France on the premiere in the black and white Antonio Berardi sexy hollow out bud silk small formal attire, bold will be" the desire hide return to shame "expressed incisively and vividly. Clothes outer like are deliberately cut open, revealing the inner black bud silk, then underwear also looming, black and white collocation is like concealed skin color, distinct and texture sharp contrast.

Diane Von Furstenberg this section of bud silk minidress skirt to place a up to the mid thigh,<a href="http://www.raybanus.net/"><strong>Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses</strong></a> which lasted for last season with the concept of bud silk, and add some nifty and vigor, broke the bud silk to traditional conservative image. 4. Layer cascade folds rural wind is this season Burberry's main concept, bud silk is something of a nostalgic the flavour restoring ancient ways with, yarn online delicate dribbling show fabric dress, cover a stick full three-dimensional flowers, windbreaker, neck to bring such as leaves do cascading large necklace, heavy and complicated packing still harmonious


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