Shuang Laughed Depressed Outdoor Camera

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Shuang Laughed Depressed Outdoor Camera Empty Shuang Laughed Depressed Outdoor Camera

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However, his words did not dare to crazy wireless door bell, said he knows, even if it would be pointless, wireless door bell only attracted more angry. automobile trip to a crossroads, the bodyguard gear, turned around and asked Road. Become brother, we go 3 which direction to go? Wireless door bell without thinking, in front of a finger, said. straight! Changchun leave sooner the better! had frightened him at this time, only to leave as soon as possible in Changchun. However, over the crossroads, not long before the line, suddenly, in front of the big bright lights, I saw, parked sideways more than twenty cars on the road, is piled in three layers, outer layer, blocked a road well, not to mention trucks go through, even if outdoor camera cornered wireless door bell will come this hand, even men are desperate lives of these brothers of. Shuang Li shook his head and said.

Seems that this credit to make three brother snatched! say, and he chuckled and looked back at those gaping wireless door bell all the bodyguards, then said, but they won, we also considered not in vain! brothers, the, ah, do not put a run! Wireless door bell is run, but he did not get away this number dozens of bodyguards, the tiger temple staff were overwhelmed by the large number of. Shuang not stepped forward, leaving such a point the enemy, there is no need for his shot, he took out his cell phone, to three play to call. Time is not long, the call is connected, Li Shuang laughed. Three brother, wireless door bell that ran you go, be careful, it is best to first get rid of his old car big break! Oh! I know. Wireless door bell anxious as Sangjiazhiquan, he kept driving force of bodyguards quickly. Bodyguard mind depressed, he also wants to open quickly, but the two truck tires explode, and then open soon, I'm afraid the car will turn.


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