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Fashion always playing cycle game Empty Fashion always playing cycle game

Post  wq2012 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:51 am

Fashion always playing cycle game, in the suction leg pants clueless after a few season, broad leg pants since last season started, secretly brewing up a revolution in the spring to summer officially launched, in each big brand T stage to become main items, different material cutting contour send out a respective character amorous feelings, and thus cause the different collocation mode. Even though, we for the T stage to high prices is still not that is, but it won't keep us from enjoying the rich leg pants of fun and beautiful. Hale and hearty tinggua fabrics,<a href=""><strong>piumini moncler</strong></a> combining suits, ma3 jia3 wait for neuter color thick sheet is tasted, create a cool girl image, is this season, Ferre Dior, such as representative of the big Look, you can't miss the nature. In the 80 s style of return this season, such as men's clothing of wide suit, tie-in loose-fitting trousers will once again return to the collocation of fashion front, let a woman without foundation more add a few minutes free and easy heroic bearing.

Vacuum to wear a suit jacket is very sexy, but the danger is easy to be exposed to tell us, this is not what is that. Put on the base, the condole belt,<a href=""><strong>giubbotti Moncler</strong></a> partly visible is the best strategy. Figure is too full of women is not suitable for this dress, can appear more embonpoint, choose more cultivate one's morality clipping coat is the way to deal with. Completely black neutral dress up seemingly boring, but once into vacuum wear, is the most fatal attraction, but premise condition is like model of the tall figure, will not appear vulgar.


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